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  • AI-led token by Altman, Worldcoin, is said to go live on Monday

  • Worldcoin’s launch comes when AI interest is growing with AltSignals, a recent entrant

  • AltSignals value is expected to skyrocket when the token lists amid high demand

AI is becoming the application technology in finance and beyond. As such, AI-related projects are becoming sensations, with WorldCoin and AltSignals as two of those projects. Take the case of AltSignals, for example, which is launching an AI trading signal service. Since a presale of AltSignals started, investors have heavily bought the token, with the first phase completed. In the second stage, investors bought more than 53% of the tokens.

Worldcoin to launch on Monday – Reports

The controversial biometrics and AI token by ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman will reportedly go live on July 24. The token has generated a lot of interest as OpenAI has become popular since the launch of ChatGPT. 

Worldcoin seeks to build the world’s largest identity using AI. The project uses a device dubbed “The Orb” to scan an individual’s iris. So, each person can have a single identifiable Worldcoin ID. 

Nonetheless, Worldcoin has attracted criticism concerning how it handles biometric data. Still, investors are undisturbed, with the coin attracting thousands of daily signups since launch. The reported Monday launch of the cryptocurrency could be a litmus test of how much potential the coin has.

Meanwhile, investors are excited that AltSignals, a prosperous trading signal service, is going the AI route. The AI trading signal platform will be dubbed ActualizeAI and powered by a crypto token, $ASI.

Since its founding in 2017, AltSignals has benefited investors through its quality signals. The accuracy rates of the signals have averaged 64%. Launching an AI platform could be a game-changer in adding more value to existing and new traders.

AltSignals could be a potential high-earning project

AltSignals has grown popular for trading signals in forex, stock, and crypto markets. This has seen its membership grow to over 52,000 on Telegram. The platform has a strong rating of 4.9/5 on TrustPilot. 

The fact that AltSignals has been a successful project means its new focus on AI could pay big for investors. AI is used in the trading world for quality signal generation using the power of machine learning. AI also helps overcome human emotions, one of the greatest contributors to failures in trading systems.

As AI grows and AltSignals expands the range of financial assets covered in trading, that could unlock $ASI value.

Is $ASI a good investment?

$ASI could be a good investment from the perspective of speculating on a token of a highly demanded service. Investors will also enjoy quality trading signals to increase their incomes.

But besides the above, $ASI carries value from various benefits that members of ActualizeAI will enjoy. Investors will enjoy exclusive future presale opportunities and can earn tokens by contributing ideas on the platform. 

Investors can also earn $ASI by participating and winning in trading competitions. This is a good way to increase trading skills and competencies by learning from the AltSignals team and peers.

AltSignals also envisions a situation where the investors are in charge. Members of ActualizeAI can vote on governance issues and determine the direction of the platform. Investors will use their $ASI holdings to vote on key decisions.

What it means to invest in AltSignals in presale

The value of $ASI is rising at each stage of the presale. The token was valued at $0.015 in the first stage but now goes for $0.01875. However, the actual value of the token will be unlocked when the token lists on Uniswap in Q3, 2023.

Investing in AltSignals while on presale means buying the token at the best possible low price. The token is lower priced at the initial stages of the presale than in later phases.


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