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  • At press time, the LAELAPS token had jumped 283% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.005519.
  • The LAELAPS is categorized as a meme coin, making today’s top gainer in that category.
  • The presale of Shiba Memu (SHMU), another meme coin, has hit $1.055 million.

Laelaps (LAELAPS) token is today’s top gainer among the top meme coins according to Coinmarketcap. The token has unleashed a monster bull run that has catapulted it from $0.001419 to $0.005519 in a matter of hours. Earlier today, it had hit a daily high of $0.0093 before slightly pulling back to the price at the time of writing.

LAELAPS price surge comes at a time when the meme coins industry is experiencing significant growth mainly because of the many new meme coin projects, like the Shiba Memu, being launched. Interestingly, a majority of the new meme coins have attracted quite a following which in most cases translates to ridiculous price surges in very short timeframes.  

What is Laelaps?

Laelaps is a Telegram toolkit that makes the blockchain simple to understand, gives you real-time data on market makers, and lets you purchase projects easily thanks to its integration with Maestro Bot.

Its primary goal is to improve users’ experiences on the blockchain. Laelaps provides the data to make informed decisions by gathering and streamlining data, providing information on the market’s top gainers as well as new and upcoming coins.

The Telegram toolkit bot can be added to a variety of channels and groups. The Laelaps community comprises an exclusive group of like-minded traders who want to learn and grow together.

To get Laelaps’ services, users are required to subscribe to one of the toolkit’s subscription tiers. There are three subscription tiers: Zeus, Europa, Thebes, and Villager.

To subscribe to Zeus, one will require five million LAELAPS tokens. This tier gives users access to the Zeus discussion group and the full Laelaps toolkit with Maestro integration.

The Europa tier requires 3.5 million tokens and offers users access to the Laelaps toolkit with integration for Maestro. There is however a 30 seconds delay for alerts. Thebes tier requires 2.5 million tokens and has a 60 seconds delay. The Villager tier requires 500,000 LAELAPS tokens.

Why the LAELAPS token is surging

While there is no major news about LAELAPS, Telegram added stories for premium subscribers over the weekend. The premium subscribers can now share images and video posts that they can pin permanently to their profiles or let them expire after a short period.

The newly launched Telegram’s new Stories feature is just out of its testing phase and Telegram is currently only allowing its paid Premium subscribers to use it to post Telegram Stories. Its launch comes after rival messaging apps Singal and WhatsApp launched their own stories version.

What LAELAPS’ surge means for Shiba Memu

While LAELAPS and Shiba Memu are two different blockchain projects, they are both characterized as meme coin projects. Therefore, LAELAPS’ success and its respective price surge point to a good market for upcoming meme token projects like Shiba Memu, which is currently in the development and presale phase.

The Shiba Memu presale has attracted a lot of crypto investors, partly because of the hype around meme coins and the sudden price surge associated with newly launched meme coins as witnessed with the PEPE coin and LADYS.

Interested parties can buy their Shiba Memu (SHMU) tokens here.

Is Shiba Memu a worthy investment?

Well, an investment decision is a personal affair and requires some in-depth analysis to verify the viability of the investment. In addition, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and their investments carry a significant risk.

Nevertheless, the Shiba Memu project seeks to ride on the hype around both the meme coins and artificial intelligence which has been the talk of the town since the ChatGPT chatbot was launched. Shiba Memu combines AI and blockchain technology to create an unstoppable, entirely self-sufficient marketing powerhouse, which is an excellent proposition for investors.

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