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Key takeaways

  • Wakweli has partnered with BLG to promote web3 legal expertise.

  • Wakweli seeks to become the benchmark of trust for the decentralised ecosystem.

  • The web3 protocol partnered with Polygon earlier this year and also raised $1.1 million in its seed funding round. 

Wakweli enters a crucial partnership with BLG

Web3 protocol Wakweli announced on Tuesday, May 9th, that it has partnered with the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG)

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, Wakweli said the partnership would enhance the solid Web3 legal expertise and enable deeper protocol refinements for the Proof of Democracy consensus algorithm. 

The Blockchain Lawyers Group is a global network of legal professionals with a focus on blockchain and other cryptocurrency matters. The group seeks to make it easier for entities in the crypto space to gain access to competent and qualified legal advice.

As part of the partnership, group members will participate in the validation of the first certificates and assist in strengthening the whole process. The goal is to make Wakweli the benchmark of trust for the decentralised ecosystem.

While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Blockchain Lawyers Group Founder and Member Miguel Dinis Lucas said;

“We are excited to partner with such an innovative company as Wakweli, which is trying to solve a preeminent issue in the NFT space. We are confident that our collaboration will bring new levels of innovation and user-friendliness to the market.”

The partnership will boost legal services in the blockchain ecosystem

According to the Wakweli team, their partnership with BLG is a significant step towards providing competent and qualified legal advice in blockchain and crypto-related matters. 

The partnership will lay the foundation for deeper protocol refinements, enhance solid Web3 legal expertise, and ensure easy access to legal advice for businesses operating in the Web3 industry. 

The partnership with BLG is the latest one for Wakweli. In March, Wakweli partnered with Polygon Labs to enable all digital assets on Polygon to become compatible with the certification system that has been developed by its team.

In February, Wakweli also raised $1.1 million in its seed funding round and is using the funds to facilitate the rolling out of the company’s product offerings 

Wakweli is an NFT certification protocol based on a decentralised consensus algorithm called Proof of Democracy (PoD). 

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