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  • Kaspa (KAS) price has surged 31% in the last 7 days and 4% in the last 24 hours.
  • Kaspa was on June 22 integrated on CoinPal.
  • CoinPal is a leading cryptocurrency payment service provider.

While yesterday’s Kaspa integration with CoinPal is not the sole reason why Kaspa (KAS) price is rising, the integration has added impetus to the KAS bullish momentum.

The integration comes at a time when the crypto market is seeing a rebound that has pushed Bitcoin (BTC) price above $30K for the first time in months. It is also ten days since Michael Sutton, Georges Künzli, and Shai Wyborski presented a proposal referred to as KIP-4 that aims at refining the Kaspa protocol by translating its complex mechanisms into a language that everyday enthusiasts can easily grasp.

Kaspa integration with CoinPal

Kaspa is one of the fastest, open-source, decentralized, and fully scalable Layer-1 blockchains in the world. It is the world’s first digital ledger enabling parallel blocks.

Kaspa and Bitcoin share the fundamental principles of decentralization and peer-to-peer technology. Kaspa has, however, introduced upgrades like increased scalability, lower transaction fees, and faster transaction speeds. Therefore, by integrating Kaspa, CoinPal and its users will have access to more than 50 supported cryptocurrencies thus expanding their options.

By incorporating Kaspa into its platform, CoinPal.io has made significant progress toward broadening its scope. By consistently expanding the number of cryptocurrencies it supports and improving its services, CoinPal stays ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing world of digital currencies.

By incorporating Kaspa, CoinPal is advancing e-commerce and establishing itself as a major force in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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