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Mexico City, Mexico, June 21st, 2023, Chainwire

ENO, the native token of an emerging wine industry platform, has been listed on LATOKEN. The news marks a milestone in the history of wine while cementing LATOKEN’s reputation as a testbed for innovative new tokens.

The ENO platform aims to provide access to a rapidly expanding wine ecosystem while distilling the greatest elements of the industry by combining centuries of tradition with web3 technology. Wine culture has fascinated people for centuries, and web3 offers exciting and disruptive opportunities.

ENO’s listing on LATOKEN will allow users of the global exchange to tap into a new web3 vertical and to leverage a digital asset that enables users to enjoy exclusive experiences that combine art, music, web3 technology, and wine. Through the ENO platform, this club provides access to special auctions, unique wine-tasting experiences, and the opportunity to acquire limited-edition wine bottles in collaboration with renowned artists from around the world. Being part of this select group of wine enthusiasts and NFT collectors brings wine culture to a new audience.

The ENO platform also includes the Wine Academy, an educational portal that uses blockchain technology to issue digital certificates based on the courses aspiring vintners have completed. ENO brings together farmers, vineyards, exporters, importers, consumers, sommeliers, hotels, and wine enthusiasts in a decentralized community, expanding the horizon of wine culture.

The ENO token listed on LATOKEN on June 20, marking a new chapter in the fusion of tradition and technology.

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About ENO

ENO is a platform that combines the tradition of wine with technological innovation. Its goal is to facilitate access to the wine ecosystem and promote the growth of wine culture worldwide through the implementation of advanced technologies such as tokenization.


LATOKEN is a globally recognized token exchange platform. It offers a stable trading environment backed by real assets and provides opportunities for participation in innovative and promising projects.

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