Bitfinex Derivatives launches perpetuals for Asian equity indices

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  • Bitfinex Derivatives launched perpetuals for HS50, NI225, and XJO.
  • The derivatives platform’s services are not available to the U.S. users.
  • The new perpetual contracts went live today at 06:30 a.m. ET.

Bitfinex Derivatives now allows trading products you’ll typically find on a traditional financial exchange and that too with no restrictions in terms of the trading hours (certain limitations apply).

Bitfinex Derivatives adds to its perpetuals portfolio

On Wednesday, the derivatives platform launched perpetual contracts for three of the prominent Asian equity indices. In the press release, CTO Paolo Ardoino said:

We are delighted to add the HONG KONG 50, JAPAN 225, and AUSTRALIA 200 perpetual swaps to our portfolio of derivatives products.

The said contracts went live today at 06:30 AM ET. Bitfinex recently said the total number of bitcoin wallets with non-zero BTC balance climbed to a record 45.388 million.

New perpetual contracts are not open for U.S. users

Remember that Bitfinex Derivatives and the range of its services are not available to U.S. clients. Even in the allowed jurisdictions, its open only to verified users.

The perpetual contracts this platform announced today allow leverage of up to 100 times and work pretty much the same way as the rest of its perpetual trading portfolio – all transactions are settled in USDt or U.S. dollar denominated Tether tokens. Ardoino added:

These equity indices are strong indicators of how the Asian economy is performing. We’re proud to give Bitfinex Derivatives traders freedom to trade these contracts at any time of the day and week.

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