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Key takeaways

  • Binance has launched the Alpine Race Day Collectibles for its new and existing users. 

  • The competition will commence on April 2 and will cover all the Formula events for the remainder of the 2023 calendar. 

  • For each F1 GP, Binance will release 6,000 digital Alpine Race Day Collectibles, and six of those 6,000 will be Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs. 

Binance users to claim Alpine Race Collectibles for Formula 1 experiences

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by market cap, has announced the launch of its Alpine Race Day Collectibles.

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, Binance revealed that the Alpine Race Collectibles are the latest addition to the Alpine Fan Token ecosystem. The digital collectibles are crafted by the artisans at Alpine, then transformed into unique, limited-edition collectibles by the Alpine Fan Token team, Binance explained.

The cryptocurrency exchange added that its users would have the opportunity to claim Alpine Race Collectibles for Formula 1 experiences starting from April 2nd through the 2023 F1 calendar.

Binance would be starting with the Australian GP, adding that the Alpine Race Day Collectibles also come with unique rewards for fans. The cryptocurrency exchange said the the reward attached to the Alpine Race Day Collectible for the Australian Grand Prix is the chance to visit the Alpine factory in the UK.

Binance to release 6,000 Alpine Race Day Collectibles for each F1 GP

The company explained that it would release 6,000 Alpine Race Day Collectibles to the public for each F1 GP. of the 6,000 collectibles to be released, six would be special Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs and tied to the weekend’s rewards.

Winners can take part in that week’s rewards but would have the opportunity to sell their SSR NFT along with its associated rewards on the Binance NFT marketplace if they choose to. 

Binance launched its Alpine Fan Token in February 2022 thanks to its partnership with the BWT Alpine F1 Team, a renowned F1 constructor previously known as the Renault F1 Team.

New and existing users can claim the Alpine Race Collectible on Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange added. While new users can claim the collectibles by completing their ID verification, existing users must have 20 Alpine Fan Tokens in their wallet to claim the Mystery Box and access the Alpine Race Collectible it contains.

This latest development comes less than a week after Binance announced that it had launched a new regional hub in Georgia. Binance revealed that it wants to ramp up talent acquisition, promote blockchain education, and accelerate crypto adoption in the region.

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